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The Legal Links page contains links to online legal resources, government and judicial resources, and more. The Moderate Means program is a referral program that connects middle-income clients who may not be eligible for free legal aid but cannot afford to pay full price for legal services. The Moderate Means programme helps to solve problems related to family, housing, consumption and unemployment. CLEAR (Coordinated Legal Education, Advice and Referral) helps low-income Washington residents resolve civil law issues. Apply for free legal aid online or call one of the following toll-free numbers: The Northwest Justice Project (NJP) is the Washington-funded legal aid program. Each year, NJP provides essential civil law assistance and representation to thousands of low-income people in matters involving basic human needs such as family security, housing preservation, income protection, access to health care, education, and other basic needs. Visit the NJP Getting Legal Help page for details on how to apply for legal assistance. The Unemployment Law Project provides free legal representation, advice, and guidance to people in Washington State who have been denied unemployment benefits or whose benefits are disputed. Many Washington counties have programs that can connect people with civil law issues with a pro bono attorney.

Click here for a list of pro bono lawyer programs. For family law matters, consider a paralegal with a limited license. Washington is the first state in the country to offer this new low-cost legal representation option. The Northwest Justice Project`s YouTube channel provides legal information on a range of topics If you require legal representation or one-on-one services, please visit our help page. The Unemployment Law Project (ULP) provides free legal advice and representation at hearings to people in Washington whose unemployment benefits have been denied or challenged. Apply online or call 855-741-6930 to request a referral to a lawyer who offers discounted fees to middle-income clients King County has yet to compensate children and youth it has injured through the illegal use of solitary confinement. Columbia Legal Services filed this lawsuit against the county on behalf of a class of affected individuals. Why ULP? The hearing is your only chance to create a legal record of your unemployment benefits. Smart Philanthropy $1 → $7 We use every dollar you donate to generate $7 in private sector legal services.

CLEAR is the one-stop shop for civil legal aid in Washington State, operated by NJP. CLEAR provides limited legal advice to eligible clients with certain legal issues and refers to local Northwest Justice Project offices and other civil litigation providers for more comprehensive assistance. The best expertise 43,000 hours of pro bono legal assistance per year. Washington Law Help provides forms, tools, and basic information on a range of legal issues. They may also provide information on how to represent yourself in court on certain legal issues. A King County Superior Court judge ruled in favor of a Seattle resident whose home was seized by the city, a significant gain for the rights of people living in their vehicles. Create higher education and employment opportunities through student loan reform. If you are outside King County, call CLEAR toll-free at 888-201-1014 Monday to Friday from 9:15 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. We work to dismantle and transform systems that perpetuate poverty and injustice. We envision a Washington State where every human being fully enjoys human rights and economic opportunities.

Our Board of Directors is made up of a group of people who care deeply about social justice. Our members are an integral part of our organization. They provide oversight and guidance and are committed to the continued success of our office. A WIDE RANGE OF 1,000 METERS SERVED BY VERY EFFECTIVE ADVOCACY. If people need interpreters in any language, we make sure they have one. Support the communities most affected and join us for a full week of the Imagine Justice program. 19 – 23 September We have a group of experienced and dedicated lawyers who work diligently to protect the rights of all citizens. We fight for our customers every step of the way. Our employees are passionate about changing the law to ensure just justice for all. Have you been fired, fired or fired? Here`s what you need to know about your rights.

For property closures, consider hiring a limited practice agent. There is no greater satisfaction in knowing that justice has been done to our clients and that we have positively influenced the law. Subscribe to our mailing list to ensure you are informed of our ongoing fight for justice. Join us for a live webinar on Monday afternoon, November 7, where we will answer your questions about COVID-19 and unemployment benefits. Here you can also view recordings of our past webinars. If you`d like to continue or do some research on your own, we have some helpful resources and templates. Translation and interpretation services are provided as required. The U.S. Department of Labor has rejected all survey data on agricultural workers, suggesting that higher piecework wages are the dominant practice in Washington`s tree fruit industry.

Learn the basics of the appeal process, how to file a complaint and how our office works with our frequently asked questions. Work with an experienced group of lawyers dedicated to social justice while gaining invaluable knowledge and skills. Find out how you can be part of our team and make a difference! Online check-in only works on desktop computers. It does not work on mobile phones. This online application process should take 10 to 15 minutes. You will be asked questions about the nature of your problem, your household income and the wealth of your household. Please collect this information before you begin. If you are denied benefits, you have the right to appeal. You have 30 days from the date of the appeal decision. Alerta: Estamos encantados de anunciar que muchas páginas en nuestro sitio web ahora están disponibles también en Español.

Haga clic aquí para ver las páginas. If you are in King County, call the 211 Legal Information and Referral Line Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Please call (206) 441-9178, Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The voices of millions resonate and the conscience of our nation rises. While progress is facing strong headwinds, now is not the time to be discouraged. We must not waste this momentum. It is time to act. Undocumented migrants now have access to all the benefits to which they are entitled in one place. After receiving benefits, many people were informed that they had an overpayment.

You have options such as appointment, waiver or settlement offers. Clark County, King County, Mason County, San Juan County (email requesting wire transfer), Snohomish County, Spokane County, Tacoma-Pierce County, Thurston County 125% of the federal poverty level; Up to 200% with certain expenses allowed Los indocumentados ahora tienen acceso a todos los beneficios para los que son elegibles en un solo lugar. Haga clic aquí para obtener más información. We focus on major systemic changes. We do this through two main areas of focus. Visit our About Us page to learn more or explore our advocacy topics. If you are thinking of quitting your job or have already quit your job, you should start here. Benefits Resource Guide for Undocumented Persons During the COVID-19 Pandemic.