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Cinque Terre

Reduced Teaching Effort by One-Third

Cinque Terre

Improved Test Scores by 88%

Cinque Terre

Increased Student Behavior and Focus by 70%

Cinque Terre

Increased Teacher Satisfaction by 70%

What is Orbit?

Orbit is the door to the new world of learning. It aims to revolutionize the learning process through its unique approach and in-depth explanation of each concept taught in books. Orbit, presents 3D visualizations of the concepts, taught to students, in real world.

What is Orbit

Why Orbit?

Picasso once said, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” Unfortunately, our education system, often if not always, suppresses the unique art rather than nurturing it and allowing it to grow. The industrial model of education is based on linearity, blatantly ignoring the diversity of humans. Also, the unchallenged monotony of our system is perhaps too focused on literacy to pay regards to contention and creativity.

The Ultimate Learning Experience

A rich database of 3D models related to K-12 topics, assisting teachers in delivering complex topics with better attention of students which will help them master the concepts through visual, interactive and deep learning experiences.

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