Your people are your competitive advantage

- Our training experts create close to real-life immersive experiences enhancing employee engagement
- Data-driven trainings result in increased productivity and organizational agility
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Why AR/VR for training?

By using the virtual reality training it is possible to create interactive scenarios that are not only more engaging but also more effective than traditional methods. It helps you create real life scenarios where you can learn in a safe way without any security hazard
Upskill or reskill employees quickly and efficiently
Improve employee engagement and retention
Increase employee knowledge retention
Reduce training costs and travel requirements
Cost-effective simulation of any training scenario
Data-driven insights to improve performance

Our Solution

Training Content

Immersive content creation, based on behavioral psychology and HR best practices augmented with rich data-collection capabilities.

Immersive Learning Platform

Training tool supporting intuitive immersive experiences for self-guided or trainer-led sessions, with adaptive learning paths and assessments.

Analytics Engine

Advanced analytics-based usage, engagement, and attention data, with deep insights on training performance and predictive analytics models.

How it works

Orbit guides you through every step in the journey, from initial strategy to analysis and optimization.

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Media Coverage

Our immersive platform has won many global awards and gained attention from renowned media outlets

Meet the Team

Wajiha Habib

Cofounder and CTO

Navera Waheed

Cofounder and CEO

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