Notarized Legal Undertaking in Annexure I & Ii

The preparation of regulatory documents is a lengthy and diligent exercise. As an importer or brand owner, one is already immersed in various business aspects before introducing a trademark in India. If a mistake is made, it can lead to a complete delay in the business plan, overhead, financial planning issues, as well as supply chain disruptions. In the case of importation of such drugs, an application for a Notice of Compliance, i.e. a Certificate of No Objection, must be obtained from the CDSCO Area Office. These are substances that fall within the definition of pharmaceuticals, but are not used for medical purposes and are used in other industries such as the textile industry, chemical industry and food industry, etc., or are used as a raw material/intermediate for the synthesis of other drugs. NKG`s experts have a competent understanding of how to obtain a double NOC from area offices. The import of dual-use medicinal products and medicinal products used as raw materials for the manufacture of other medicinal products requires the authorisation of the CDSCO area offices. Dual-use drugs can be used both in the pharmaceutical industry and in other industries.