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Over the past 20+ years, I have worked as General Counsel for several technology startups, providing expert advice in the following areas: contract drafting, intellectual property, litigation, software licensing, privacy, and human resources. If you are looking for expertly prepared documents, advice or legal research on a wide range of topics, I am sure I can help. For companies that need flexible, on-demand legal support, I like to get involved in short-term projects or longer commitments. For people who need help with basic legal work, including help with a start-up, I have a lot of experience in this area. I am a lawyer with over 8 years of experience in assisting local and international clients in protecting their legal positions in a highly competitive economic environment. My experience spans different areas of law and I focus on helping small businesses and startups survive legal hurdles that could get in the way of their business running smoothly. I have participated in the drafting and review of various legal documents, including but not limited to commercial contracts, employment contracts, GDPR and DPA compliant privacy policies, terms and conditions, NDAs, terms of use, and website services. I. What can I do for you? I DESIGN e-books, articles, contracts, employee manuals, policies and procedures, license notices, web disclaimers, etc. I research legal issues or issues and analyze legal issues. I DECLARE contracts to freelance artists and writers and help them become profitable small businesses. I WRITE e-learning content on topics such as human resources and sexual harassment.

I look forward to working to make your content the best it can be. Please read my sample projects for more information on my skills. On request, I also have writing samples of different lengths. Legal Advisor based in Kiev, Eng/Rus, Eng/UKR Translators I am a legal marketing consultant with over nine years of experience assisting law firms specializing in a range of marketing initiatives. My experience includes writing blogs and articles on a variety of legal topics, including personal injury law, divorce law, criminal defense law, estate planning, business planning, startup formation, and more. I`ve also worked on pay-per-click campaigns and other paid media. In addition, I have experience managing social media campaigns and video productions. EXPERT IN FIRST-CLASS LEGAL RESEARCH AND MARKETING! Do it right the first time! Take a look at my scores and feedback from my customers! I am an editorial and marketing consultant with years of research and editorial experience. I currently edit for Lexis-Nexis. Previously, I worked as Director of Library and Research Services at a law firm. I also held the position of Director of Marketing and Strategy for an online publisher, exceeding high-quality products that consistently exceeded my clients` expectations. I work with lawyers to write briefs and research legal issues.

Sorry, no prose, professors,. I am a lawyer and work primarily with entrepreneurs in contracts, mergers and acquisitions, fundraising and securities law. I also own a legal research and writing firm that provides outsourced legal research and writing services, primarily to lawyers related to applications, briefs, briefs, briefs, memoranda, white papers and other documents that my clients entrust to me to free up time to focus on other tasks while meeting court-imposed deadlines. I graduated magna laude from the University of Pennsylvania, finished in the top 7% of my law class, where I graduated with honors and I was. Over the course of a decade of my career, I have worked in public, corporate, legal, and academic libraries, honing my research skills and organizational expertise to enable strategies for a variety of end users. I would love to use this passion and enthusiasm to help others find and assemble data to meet their research needs! I graduated a-laude in law from my university (Parahyangan Catholic University) in Indonesia. After finishing my law studies, I did my master`s degree in notarial law at the University of Indonesia (I graduated laude and as the best graduate). I am currently studying Mandarin (汉语) at South China Normal University (华南师范大学) in Guangzhou (广州).

I worked in one of the largest law firms in Jakarta. I often do projects such as contract drafting, research, licensing, translation, etc. If you have any Indonesian legal questions, or questions, let me know and I will help you with the best of me. Drafting of pleadings, contracts, affidavits, deeds and all other legal requests, etc. A conscientious and professional advisor/consultant with many years of experience in legal and administrative roles. A well-organized and efficient individual whose rigorous and precise approach to projects has led to excellent results. Expertise in providing legal advice in civil, criminal, family, corporate, tax, labour and corporate governance matters. Detail-oriented litigator with 24 years of experience in state, federal, appellate (state and federal) and supreme (state and SCOTUS) courts. Experience in managing civil cases from first complaint to appeal. In addition to my litigation experience, I have experience in real estate sales, transaction management, commercial real estate development, property management, leases; and mechanical privileges. Here is an example of the types of projects I can help with: – Preparation and formatting of pleadings and requests for final submission – Proofreading and revision of documents – Review of citations and blue book. I am the owner of a private law firm with 20 years of experience in business, commerce and banking.

Having initially worked primarily with the banking system, I have expanded the area of expertise over the past 15 years to include international trade and trade laws and procedures. Currently, I am competent in the preparation of legal documents and the execution of contract management contracts for SMEs in the fields of Fin-Tech, Med-Tech and Ed-Tech, for online shops and e-commerce marketplaces, for the full range of services, for the web and IT sector, for the intellectual property sector, for privacy and compliance procedures for personal data and also for. I am bilingual in Ukrainian and Russian, speak fluent English, I have lived in Ukraine all my life. I specialize in legal translations, as well as general translations, proofreading. In addition, I specialize in contract and family law. As a lawyer, I can deeply understand different legal definitions and find the exact word needed for an accurate translation. My strengths are: meeting deadlines, good general knowledge of various subjects, very good written and spoken English, basic computer skills. I am also a very disciplined and responsible person, resistant to stress and able to focus on the essentials. Alexandria Goddard has over 25 years of experience in forensic investigations, fraud investigations and risk management and social media analytics. Her expertise includes using social media to build social and personal profiles of witnesses, jurors and litigants while seeking publicly available data to analyze social media presence and activity.

She was literally at the forefront of changing the discussion about rape culture. When she started blogging about the Steubenville rape case, the public still believed that “boys will be boys” or “asked them about it” when referring to victims of sexual abuse. Because. I am a Maryland attorney with experience in commercial and contract litigation. My five years of experience at a national law firm has helped me develop and refine essential legal skills that produce results. In addition to effectively managing massive complex cases – including multi-district litigation alleging a nationwide price-fixing conspiracy, as well as an investigation into a state contract fraud involving up to $120 million – I am a seasoned legal researcher and strategist, and I take particular pride in my ability to write and communicate clearly and persuasively. I have supported clients with higher education, I know. I have a legal background and have worked as a legal researcher and writer for 17 years. I was never called to the bar, but I essentially acted like one, researching and writing about hundreds, if not thousands, of topics. By my own estimates, in the course of my litigation I read about 5,000 notices of the Court of Appeal and certainly wrote more than 1,000 briefs for internal office use or for submission to the court.