Unisa School of Legal Practice

The school achieves this goal without burdening its students with the responsibility of attending classes every day during the week (for day school) or evening (for evening school). The LSSA-UNISA distance school therefore welcomes the category of students who, for various reasons, do not have the means to enrol in face-to-face schools (LEAD) during the day or in the evening. It is first and foremost a school of conformity – not a classroom school. Employers often tell us that UniSA law graduates show initiative with a “can do” attitude and are prepared for the challenges of the legal profession – this is a testament to our teaching ethic and culture of engagement. Our relationships with industry allow students to hear from experts how the law is applied, adding an invaluable element to their learning. You will be prepared for legal practice through hands-on learning experiences such as advocacy, trial, hearing witnesses, student-led legal advice clinic, and internships in a variety of professional settings. You will learn how to litigate a case by developing your skills in argumentation, analysis, communication and advocacy, and how to act as a lawyer in a mock court and present before a judge. For more information and contact details of the school. Click here (note the different email addresses per campus) Day School: September 2023 – December 2023 Application deadline will be set per campus Practical Professional School for Legal Practice – short course [trainee lawyer] and correspondence course LSSA UNISA “I found it extremely attractive to study a double degree in law at UniSA. My professors are wonderful and they are committed to helping their students succeed, which makes studying at university even more enjoyable. The degree focuses on the practical application of theory, preparing you for professional practice and facilitating the transition to the workplace.

“To give law graduates the opportunity to acquire and develop practical legal skills to become effective legal practitioners. Training is provided by practicing lawyers, and the school makes every effort to employ lawyers who are experts and/or specialists in the field of modules or courses in which they will present or give lectures. “Technology has certainly streamlined many aspects of the legal industry, traditional career paths and firm structures are much more dynamic than they used to be. It is important to develop transferable skills that are difficult to teach: the willingness to work hard, the ability to lead by example, and the desire to learn and try everything. My advice is to stay true to your core professional values and skills, but don`t be afraid to embrace change. It`s also important to educate yourself when you start your career. Consider all the options and possible ways to achieve your goal – in the modern business world, there are so many opportunities and opportunities to take your career to the next level. Day School: January 2023 – April 2023 Registration deadline: 31.10.2022 Matthew Doran, who combines his expertise in law and journalism, is a political reporter for ABC in Canberra, specialising in legal affairs and receiving the latest information on topics such as white-collar crime, police raids and diplomatic disputes. It also serves our daily dose of new policies.

As South Australia`s No. 1 for higher careers1, our Honours Bachelor of Professional Law prepares you for a dynamic and rewarding career in the legal profession. As a distance learning school, it offers practical professional training in collaboration with the University of South Africa (UNISA). The school remains open to students who could not be admitted to schools (LEAD) because they have fully subscribed to their set maximum number of admissions. To give law graduates the opportunity to acquire and develop practical legal skills to become effective legal practitioners. Training is provided by practicing lawyers and training is hands-on to ensure that students are able to perform most entry-level tasks with minimal supervision at the end of the course. You will learn the fundamentals of the Australian legal system and gain expertise through elective courses that will enable you to graduate with the skills to analyse and apply legal principles.