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The NLADA Federal Grants Center offers an organized and up-to-date list of funding opportunities available from federal agencies. It is regularly updated with new calls for grants for which civil legal aid and/or public defence service providers may be solicited. Our team is experienced in their respective areas of law, state and federal laws, so you always have the right paralegal to work on your case. There are thousands of ways to make a mistake when preparing a legal document. National legal assistants have a network of qualified legal writers with experience in preparing documents. We are a team of experienced paralegals with specialized knowledge in our respective areas of law. We are ready to help you with your legal matter. Join this webinar to learn more about: types of legal services to address sexual harassment in housing; the appropriate procedure for identifying and transmitting the infringement; civil litigation on behalf of victims; and opportunities for collaboration between the federal government and those providing direct legal services to victims. Start with a low monthly payment today.

NLC provides cost-effective legal solutions to credit and debt problems. Whether you need to prepare a simple sequestration or deed, or you are in the middle of a difficult court case, we will get your correct legal document – the first time! In each state, the State Legal Services Authority was established to implement NALSA`s policies and instructions, provide free legal services to the people, and conduct lok adalats in the state. The State Legal Services Authority is headed by Hon`ble, the Chief Justice of the competent High Court, who is the chief patron of the State Legal Services Authority. Founded in 1974, LSC is an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that promotes equal access to justice and provides grants for quality civil legal aid to low-income Americans. The core of our work is results-oriented and we have been very successful in achieving positive results for our clients through our collective experience and knowledge. There is tremendous power in the strength of our team. Our lawyers and professional staff understand the nuances of our targeted areas of practice so well because we have nearly half a century of combined legal and financial experience. National Legal lawyers represent their clients with compassion, ethics and aggression. We are not afraid to defend your rights. To find an LSC-funded legal aid organization near you, simply enter an address or city using the link below.

Legal Services Corporation (LSC) signed a contract with NORC at the University of Chicago in 2017 to measure the equity gap among low-income Americans. LSC defines the equity gap as the difference between the civil rights needs of low-income Americans and the resources available to meet those needs. LSC is a granting agency that allocates nearly 94% of its federal funds to eligible non-profit organizations that provide civil legal assistance. LSC awards grants through a competitive process and currently funds 132 independent legal aid organizations. With nearly 852 offices across the country, these organizations serve thousands of low-income individuals, children, families, seniors, and veterans in every congressional district. You can also visit to find information about your legal issues and find free legal forms. LSC fellows address the basic civilian needs of the poor and address issues of security, livelihoods and family stability. Most mutual legal assistance practices focus on family law, including domestic violence and child support and custody, as well as housing issues, including evictions and foreclosures. Under the Sixth Amendment, Americans are only provided with criminal legal assistance.

LSC was founded to provide financial support to legal aid organizations that assist in civil cases. If you need help with a civil law issue, enter an address or city below to find an LSC-funded legal aid organization near you. According to the Federal Trade Commission, one in five consumers has errors in at least one of their credit reports. These mistakes often negatively affect the person`s credit, which can lead to difficulties in obtaining a loan or other loan. You have the legal right to have only accurate and verifiable information on your credit report. Our lawyers can help you protect this right through our Credit Correction Legal Services™. Our work to help low-income people get the legal representation they deserve includes: If you think you`re a victim of a FDCPA violation, the National Legal Center can help. Contact our office at 800-747-2614 for a free consultation or fill out this form and we will contact you to discuss your potential case. We will always be honest and fair to you. Our representation may include further clarification of your rights under the law and/or legal action against a debt collection agency that violates your rights under the FDCPA. LSC is requesting funding of $1,018,800,000 for fiscal year 2022.

Our request relates to the projected increase in demand for civil justice services due to the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on low-income communities, as well as the continued lack of adequate resources to provide civil legal assistance to millions of Americans who were eligible for LSC-funded services prior to the pandemic. LSC promotes equal access to justice by providing grants to legal service providers through a competitive grant process. Navigating a lawsuit alone can seem like an uphill battle with endless delays and confusing court proceedings. National legal assistants have an experienced network of paralegals who specialize in navigating legal proceedings in each case. Join this webinar to learn more about: the types of legal services survivors of human trafficking need; How can we determine when civil or criminal clients may be victims of human trafficking? effective models of collaboration with law enforcement while maintaining a victim-centred approach; and the possibility of working with the Civil Rights Division to combat human trafficking. NLADA`s Civil Legal Services Division (CLS) supports a wide range of lawyers who provide civil legal aid to low-income clients: legal aid program providers, volunteer lawyers, law schools, bar associations, and other organizations and individuals. To promote justice and expand opportunities for all, CLS fosters excellence in civil legal aid by advocating for legal services programs and providing quality information, training, tools and technical assistance. Let our team of lawyers help you! We offer you options so that you can choose the right solution for your personal situation. Since 1981, the NVLSP has grown into an influential national veterans` service organization fighting for justice for those who have served us.

To learn more, click above. You have the right to dispute your credit report information.  If you believe that the information in your report is incorrect, inaccurate, misleading, ambiguous, inappropriate, incomplete, unverified, unverifiable, questionable or unclear, we can help. We help you understand your legal rights in relation to your credit report. You don`t have to worry about your legal documents being filed on time or served on opposing parties – we can file and deliver documents to any court! As part of the representation, a lawyer licensed in your state of residence will represent you directly with the credit reference agencies. We will work on your behalf to ensure that the items listed in your report are indeed true and accurate and that the data reported is verifiable. If an information provider does not respond to Schufa`s request or cannot verify that the information is 100% correct, Schufa must remove the article from the report. The result of negative items removed from a credit report often leads to a positive change in the overall credit profile.

We provide grants for technology initiatives, pro bono innovations and many more. Welcome to LSC`s new online homepage! We recently completed the redesign with the goal of making our resources easier to find by improving search capabilities and creating a more mobile design. The court orders the U.S. government to pay 9,000 Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force veterans full combat-related special compensation (CRSC). Click on the link above for more information. The legal aid movement in India – its development and current status. Traditionally, prosecutors and defense attorneys are adversaries in the courtroom. In order to achieve the SJC`s goals of sustainable system-wide change, cooperation with all system actors is essential.